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The EAGE Local Chapter Stavanger is a group of EAGE members dedicated to sharing knowledge and opportunities for the local community of geoscientists and engineers including relevant events, technical meetings and networking.


 By doing so, we aim to facilitate communication, fellowship, and cooperation among individuals who share a deep passion for these fields. In essence, we are committed to contributing to the broader mission of EAGE (the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) while also addressing the specific needs and interests in our region.

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Upcoming Tech Talk

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Upcoming Event

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A very special session awaits you at the EAGE Annual this year. With the conference visiting the Norwegian capital, our Local Chapters Oslo and Local Chapter Stavanger will have the pleasure of introducing you to some of the hidden gems of the country’s fascinating historical and geological landscape, followed by some excellent networking time.

Latest News

Meet the Board Members

We are proud to have a dedicated and diverse team of volunteers serving on our board for the EAGE local chapter in Stavanger. Each board member brings a wealth of unique experiences and perspectives, contributing their time and expertise to advance our mission, foster communication, fellowship, and cooperation among passionate individuals in these fields.


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