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Engaging evening and talk about Artificial Intelligence

On May 30th, the EAGE LC Stavanger hosted an interactive and engaging Tech Talk in the wonderful ambiance provided by Spor5. The evening commenced with attendees mingling and networking and continued with Matt Hall's engaging presentation titled Getting what you actually want from conversational AI. Matt is a Scientific Developer and Data Scientist at Equinor. 

Large language model based chat assistants are becoming common place and it was highly useful to discover how they can be safely used for science and engineering. Matt provided several examples of prompts and provided prompting templates that can be used to get good quality results from chat assistants. He discussed the limitations and tasks that have a higher risk of hallucination.

On behalf of the EAGE Local Chapter of Stavanger, we would like to thank Matt Hall for the excellent talk and for travelling to Stavanger to engage with the EAGE community.

We eagerly anticipate hosting you all again soon


EAGE LC Stavanger.


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