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Engaging first talk of 2024 🚀

On Thursday 1st of February, the EAGE LC Stavanger hosted the first Tech Talk of the year in the wonderful ambiance provided by Spor5. The evening commenced with attendees mingling and networking and continued with Victor Aarre Madsen's engaging presentation on Seismic reservoir monitoring and production optimization (4D seismic workflows). 

In his presentation, Victor delved deep into the multifaceted dynamics governing hydrocarbon reservoirs, shedding light on the intricate alterations spurred by production or injection activities. From shifts in pressure and saturation to the complexities of stress and strain, these changes intricately mold the reservoir environment. Victor's discourse underscored the pivotal role of integrating advanced seismic methodologies in comprehensively capturing these nuanced dynamics.

His talk captivated the audience, leading to an interactive and enriching discussion. We extend our gratitude to Victor and all the attendees for making this community grow. We will continue to provide a platform for our community to share knowledge, connect, and collectively advance.

Last, but not least, we are very proud to share that this event marked a significant milestone as it embraced a hybrid format, combining in-person attendance with online accessibility. This innovative approach allowed us to extend our reach beyond physical boundaries, ensuring that a broader audience, whether unable to be present physically or eager to engage with the content later, could actively participate in the discussion. 🤓.

We eagerly anticipate hosting you all again soon ✨


EAGE LC Stavanger.


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EAGE Stavanger
EAGE Stavanger
Apr 04

Thank you for your feedback, @Shawn!

We are looking forward to see you on our meetings again, and the nearest one is on the 9th of April already!


Shawn Zhong
Shawn Zhong
Mar 02

This was a very exciting event! Victor Aarre shared an impressive talk on utilizing seismic technology for reservoir monitoring and optimizing production through 4D seismic workflows. We had great discussions. I am looking forward to more events in the coming months. Thanks a lot to the organizers! - Xiaoan from UiS.

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