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Insightful and engaging JuleTalk 🎄

On Tuesday 5 of December, the EAGE LC Stavanger hosted Juletalk, where our members gathered to celebrate the holiday season together with the community.

The evening commenced with attendees mingling and networking in the wonderful ambiance provided by Spor5. The scenic views of the lake added to the experience, but the highlight was Sidsel Lindsø's engaging presentation.

Sidsel spoke about the future of the energy industry in Norway in 2030, sharing insightful perspectives on both CCS and hydrocarbon business. Her talk captivated the audience, leading to an interactive and enriching discussion. We extend our gratitude to her for sharing her expertise and contributing to our members' knowledge. The event unfolded with lively discussions revolving around CCS, expanding upon Sidsel's thought-provoking presentation.

A big thank you to everyone who made time amidst the bustling holiday season to attend the event. We are really happy to be a hub where geoscientists and energy experts can swap ideas and build connections.

We eagerly anticipate hosting you all again next year. ✨


EAGE LC Stavanger.


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1 Comment

Shawn Zhong
Shawn Zhong
Mar 02

This was an impressive talk. Sidsel shared her insights on the future of the energy industry in Norway in 2030. I was especially impressed by her comments on the opportunities and challenges of the CCS prospect on the NCS. Thanks a lot to the organizers! - Xiaoan from UiS.

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